How to Choose Your Wedding Photography Style

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When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer in Sydney, what is that first thing you consider? Budget? Type of camera used? Inclusions? These are all but common factors to consider when choosing a package from a Sydney wedding photography studio. However, you need to also look at one aspect so you will not be disappointed when your photographer turns in your photos from the big day – the photography style.

The art of wedding photography has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. It used to be that photographers are people behind a camera whose task is to simply capture photos of the big event. Today, wedding photography is an art form. There are various styles used to capture the photos and the emotions behind them. There are new technologies and tools available at the photographer’s disposal to capture beautiful photography, not just a series of shots from your wedding day.

Have you noticed how different Sydney wedding photography teams have different photography styles? You can tell the difference right away by checking the galleries or portfolio of different photographers. In fact, some photographers have a distinctive style that sets them apart from other photographers.

This is what you should be looking for when you are comparing and choosing photographers for your wedding. Reportage photography is still used today. This is similar to a documentative type of photography wherein the shots are taken at a chronological order to capture the best moments from the day. It tries to capture the event in the most natural way possible so you can get an idea of how the event unfolded during the day.

Meanwhile, there are also contemporary wedding photos wherein each shot is unique. It does not involve the traditional photos wherein the families and guests are grouped together. Instead, more focus is given on capturing candid moments from the event. The photographer seems like an outside observer who tries to capture the rawness of emotions and festivities through the photo.

When comparing these styles, however, do not limit yourself to traditional vs contemporary. You should neglect the labels and find a photography style that suits you. Some photographers can even offer a combination of these two styles, which is a great option so you can still get a hint of the traditional photography but with a modern twist.

The photos are the most important product that the photographer has to offer. Therefore, you should give sufficient attention to the photography style. Always ask to check the portfolio of the photographer so you can gauge their photography skill. If you can, check their photos from an entire wedding to check the consistency in the quality of photos produced.

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