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Now who doesn’t love jumping on a trampoline! We all have had that wonderful weightless flying feeling and enjoyed our days jumping on one and our kids still do the same. Vuly 2 is a renowned Australian company that manufactures recreational trampolines.

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With a wide range of trampolines suiting almost all age groups, Vuly 2 Trampoline offers an 8 ft spring trampoline to an extra-large leaf spring trampoline of 14ft. Making it a perfect place for the kids to enjoy their camp out in the yard.The new range of Vuly can hold upto 150 kgs! So you can now join in the fun with the kids. Being a trusted Australian brand, the quality and safety offered by Vuly 2 are incomparable and the designs have even got them a Good Design Award at the International Good Design Award in Sydney.

Bounce your Way to Better Health:

Trampolines are not just for recreational fun, but also offer a good workout for your bodies. Jumping and bouncing on a trampoline improves cardiovascular health and increases leg strength. It enhances and improves balance and hence is most preferred by gymnasts who use them to practise multi-directional movement, enhanced coordination, giving their body more flexibility. So get ready to train on a trampoline for a stronger, fitter you!

Better Safety & Flexibility:

Compared to the conventional trampolines, Vuly 2, with changing times has designed an enclosed net and a solid stronger framework, offering better safety to kids and prevents the jumpers from falling off. The safety pads are water and UV resistant so won’t show the signs of wear n tear and last longer. It is definitely more flexible and stronger. Vuly 2 Trampolines are easier to assemble and doesn’t take much time. Just read the instruction guide careful and the trampoline can be put up without much effort. Vuly 2 has enhanced the safety features and the new pop lock helps lock it faster and it won’t snap back. You can now even move the trampoline to the other side of the yard, without it coming apart.

Vuly 2 take great responsibility in maintaining high standards in all their products, so they recommend that while installing the trampoline, you need to ensure that the area is flat, away from the walls and non-slippery as these factors can cause the trampoline to slip and in turn injure the person if he slips. Once installed, do make sure that the structure is not wobbly and is sturdy enough to take in the recommended weight. Make sure to wear supportive shoes and train the kids to jump right and land correctly before you let them be Go and Play. Most of the injuries occur due to wrong landing postures or rebound bounce.

Vuly 2 trampolines come with a 10 year warranty on frame and 5 year warranty on springs, mats etc. making them quite durable. For more details, orders & shipping, you may visit their official site

Everyone loves the trampoline, so make sure you get one right away. Happy Bouncing! Visit

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